How to do keyword research on Pinterest

Have you ever noticed when you search for something on Pinterest, you start seeing similar posts in your feed?

It’s all in the keywords!

Pinterest a weird hybrid website – it’s part social media, part search engine.

The social element is found in having followers, following other people, and sharing pins with your friends and family. People can definitely find your content this way, especially users that only find new content using the Following tab, not their Home Feed tab.

But having a huge following is not necessary to gain additional followers, increase your visibility, and get more sales!

The search engine element is what brings the majority of traffic to you and your site. The way the Pinterest algorithm works is it takes note of the specific words someone uses in their searches and finds other pins they might like based on those keywords.

For example, if you search for “Pinterest marketing tips” it will show you the results of that search immediately, but then it will also assume that you want to see that content more frequently and add other pins that use those keywords to your Home Feed in the future.

Because of this, utilizing applicable keywords in your pin descriptions, bio, and board descriptions is the biggest key to increase your traffic! In order to get your content in front of ideal clients that may not be following you, it is extremely important to know the keywords they are using in their searches!

But how do you find the right keywords to use?

Simple! You just search for them!

Start with a broad topic

Start by searching for a broad topic, like “entrepreneur.” Pinterest will suggest related, but more targeted topics underneath the search bar. You can use these ideas to write your pin descriptions, but people aren’t typically searching for things that broad. There is also a lot more competition with a really broad topic.

Narrow it down further

Click a few of the relevant topics that Pinterest suggests underneath your original search. This will narrow down the search to more specific topics that people are searching for. These are great terms to use in your Pinterest title and your graphics themselves!

Long-Tail Keywords

To be more competitive and reach a more niche audience, you’ll want to see what long-tail keywords are being used. Combine your original keyword with one of the suggested additions that Pinterest provided and type it into the search bar. But this time, don’t actually hit search! Pinterest will provide several long-tail keywords that users are actually searching for that are directly related to your blog post topic!

Rinse and repeat!

Repeat this additional search with 3-5 keywords that Pinterest suggested on your initial broad search!

Write your pin description, bio, and board descriptions using these long-tail keywords, but make sure it’s actually readable. You want actual sentences – no keyword stuffing!

Test out this technique and let me know how it works for you!